You’ve probably heard amazing things about how Adult Stem Cells are helping people to achieve remarkable health and wellbeing outcomes.

Cracking the stem cell Code By Christian Drapeau presents the research surrounding the development of the Stem Cell Theory of Renewal and the thousands of benefits to health that have flowed from that discovery.
Adult stem cells have been identified as your body’s natural renewal, repair and rejuvenation system. The number of circulating adult stem cells has been identified as a powerful predictor of overall health and wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could increase the number of circulating stem cells in your body?

If you are interested in reading more about the Stem Cell Theory of Renewal I heartily recommend you read an excellent book called “Cracking the Stem Cell Code” by Christian Drapeau Msc.  You can find it on Amazon or order it at your favourite book store.

Your body is constantly degenerating and regenerating itself on a cellular level. Typically, when you were younger your body had an excess of adult stem cells circulating and it grew and repaired itself faster than it broke down.

As we get older our body typically releases fewer adult stem cells from our bone marrow and as a result tends to degenerate faster than it regenerates. We call this process of degeneration ‘aging’ or ‘disease’ and as a result we feel less vital and our organs my lose their ability to function as well as they did when we were younger and had more adult stem cells circulating around in our body.

This degeneration happens continually but there is a way to slow or even reverse this cellular loss and loss of cellular functionality.

Well, now you can simply and effectively increase the number of stem cells circulating in your body, WITHOUT expensive, painful, or time-consuming procedures........ read more on the next page

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